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KIOMA Car Seat with Latch Base

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The Kioma Car Seat is full of innovations to make your life easier, and your child safer. With an adjustable 5-point harness, the Kioma Car Seat fits children weighing 5-39 lbs and up to 32 inches tall.


Stellar Safety
First and only baby car seat engineered of aluminum and polycarbonate, for superlative protection in and out of the car.

Mobile & Ultralight
Built for modern families on the move, the car seat is made to use with the lap belt. You can travel anywhere conveniently & safely.

Quiet and Simple
One handed movement of the handle will not wake your sleeping baby.

Built-in Rocker
This is is the only baby car seat with a full-length rocking motion.

With 5 gripping surfaces, you can comfortably travel with your baby all day -- with a basket carry, hand carry, or side carry.

Lap Belt Optimized
Travel anywhere without compromising convenience or safety. We optimized this for a lap belt.

Click-in Base Included
A detachable, click-in car seat base is included. We designed it to be as intuitive and minimalist as possible.

Easy to Clean
The upholstery and chassis are designed to be easily cleaned. You will thank us later.

Multiple patents granted and pending.


Aluminum and polycarbonate frame, EPE foam and upholstered cushions. Made exclusively in the USA.


Carseat dimensions: 12.5" wide x 25" long x 21" tall 

Carseat weight: 10 lbs.

Care Instructions

Easily remove the car seat cushions to wash. These can be placed in the washing machine on low. Tumble to dry.