Our Journey

It all started in 2013 with a father's frustration at car seats that were heavy, bulky, and infuriating to use. We unveiled the world's first carbon fiber baby car seat in 2017, which received multiple patents. In 2021, we released our second-generation baby seat which is also patent-pending.

Made in the USA

Kioma is headquartered in Dallas, TX, USA. All of our design and manufacturing is done in Dallas. Our car seat designs are tested by independent labs. Additionally, Kioma owns its own crash test sled, which helps us to rapidly advance and improve safety product designs.

KIOMA Car Seat with Latch Base

Intellectual Property

Kioma has a pipeline of innovative products and an intellectual property portfolio that includes utility patents, design patents, trademarks, and trade secrets. We are innovating products, techniques, and designs to improve safety, functionality, and aesthetics. If you are interested in partnership opportunities, or licensing our innovations, please contact us.