About Us

Kioma is headquartered in Dallas, TX, U.S.A. All of our design and manufacturing is done in Dallas. All products are tested and validated by third party, accredited labs. Kioma has also developed its own crash test sled. Using our own testing facilities, we are able to rapidly advance and improve safety product designs. For final validation, all Kioma products are also tested at an independent facility.

Kioma has a pipeline of innovative products.   Our first product, the Kioma Car Seat, began its journey in 2013 with a father's frustration at car seats that were heavy, bulky, and infuriating to use.  After three years of research and development, and one year of design for manufacturing, we unveiled our first advanced prototypes to the industry in May 2017.  


Intellectual Property

We have invested four years innovating products, techniques, and designs to improve safety, functionality, and aesthetics. As a result we have a significant intellectual property portfolio that includes patents, trademarks, and trade secrets.

Our first product, the Kioma Car Seat, has multiple utility and design patents pending. Additional products are also forthcoming.

The management team of Kioma has prior experience licensing, litigating, and growing global patent portfolios for multiple industries.  

Interested licensees may contact the Company for initial discussions.