Safest. Lightest. Strongest. Gorgeous, Too.

Safety: our number one focus

The Kioma Car Seat was designed from the ground up to be the safest infant car seat in the world. We departed from from the traditional car seat shape to ensure that your loved one will be protected from every angle. 

  • Head Injury Criterion: Not all car seats are created equal. The Kioma Car Seat has achieved one of the best head injury criterions (a composite score of occupant head accelerations) the infant car seat market has ever seen.  Please read the FAQ for details.
  • Fixed handle that acts as a roll bar: It's not just there for ergonomics. Our unibody structure means that the handle is always in place to protect the seat's occupant. Not only does it act as an anti rotation device in the event of a collision, it helps protect your child even when you're not in the car. According to The Journal of Pediatrics, a leading cause of injuries to children from car seats occurs from mechanical failure of moving handle components and from accidental care giver falls and drops when the handle is not deployed. 
  • Lightweight design means less energy: Our unique carbon fiber construction means that we need to dissipate less energy in the event of a collision. A lighter car seat not only means that it's easier to carry, but also that there is less inertia to change in the event of a sudden deceleration. This means more of our crash structure can be dedicated to slowly decelerating the child, instead of slowly decelerating the rest of the seat. The seat's lower weight also means less rotation in the event of a collision. 
  • Next-generation foam: Most car seats use expanded polystyrene (otherwise known as Styrofoam, the packing material) as their main impact absorbing cushion. The Kioma Car Seat features a new, proprietary foam formulation that is not only comfortable, but has rebound. This means that, in the event of a collision with multiple impacts (think multi-car collision), our foam will 're-inflate' itself and be ready to absorb more energy almost instantaneously, whereas Styrofoam would have collapsed into a solid after the first hit. 


Function: its in the design.

Upon first glance, it would be fair to assume that we placed form before function. But every aspect of the Kioma Car Seat was designed to be as parent-friendly as possible. The good looks are just a bonus.

  • Ergonomic handle design: Pick up the Kioma Car Seat and you'll immediately understand what we mean. We've designed the position, and most importantly, the angle, of the handle and grips so that the weight of the car seat transfers straight down through your arm. This, in conjunction with the seat's narrow width, means that you don't have to bend your torso or flex your arm while carrying the seat. Just let your arm dangle straight down, and the center of gravity of the seat will do the rest.
  • Modern and mobile: Not only does its lightweight design mean that it's easy to carry around with you wherever you go, its dual mounting solutions mean that you can just as easily strap it into an Uber or grandpa's car as you can click it into its base in yours.
  • Ultra-lightweight: Made from aerospace grade materials such as carbon fiber and aluminum, the lightweight characteristics of the seat are a given. No other manufacturer on the market comes close to matching our material selection or production technologies in the infant car seat market.
  • Easy to clean: First, the seat cushions snap in and out easily. Second, the rip-stop nylon cushions can be washed in the sink.  Third, the whole interior surface of the car seat is smooth —- no more cereal traps and chemistry experiments growing in recesses!  You can literally rinse the Kioma Car Seat chassis with a garden hose. 
  • Smooth exterior surface: The glossy exterior means that you can comfortably walk with the seat without chaffing your legs against the seat's body. 


Aesthetics: The Jetsons would be jealous.

Aerospace materials mean space age looks. Even after packing in all the safety, ergonomic, and usability features, we can confidently say that we've designed the best looking infant car seat, ever.

  • Material freedom:  Our use of carbon fiber composites in manufacturing the chassis gave us the freedom to make a radical design and shape that wouldn't be possible using traditional infant car seat materials, such as ABS plastic. 
  • Automotive grade finish: The Kioma Car Seat comes in two flavors: painted with an automotive grade finish, or in exposed carbon fiber for a race-inspired look. 


Kioma is proudly Made in the USA.